About us


Our company has been operating in the translation market in Podkarpacie as well as all over Poland since 1997. We perform translations and interpretations of varying degrees of difficulty, in all languages, in different fields and specializations.

We offer:

Certified translations – all kinds of documents:

Specialized translations:

  • technical: technical documentation – instructions, projects, engine assembly and activation descriptions ect.
  • economic documents: agreements, contracts, proxies, reports, balance sheets, business plans ect.
  • legal documents: legal registers, statutes, company contracts, adjudgments, verdicts.
  • advertising materials: catalogues, pamphlets, leaflets, websites. Interpretations: during meetings, conferences, appliances assembly ect.

Apart from translations and interpretations we offer the following services: Verifications of texts and technical documentations Graphic workout of the given assignments (scanning ect.) CD-ROM recording Others.


berlinAgencja Tłumaczeń "Translator"

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